My career spans over 35 years in the motion picture, television production and entertainment industries. After attending Oklahoma Military Academy and UCLA school of Motion Pictures and Television, I first ventured into an acting/writing career:

While on a casting call at Universal Studios I met and became an assistant to Harold Hecht. Tony Curtis learned about one of my secret secondary careers and sent his production manager, Robert Larson, to meet with me. Universal Studios needed an expert dog groomer on the film Tony was about to star in and they needed a professional who could dye dog hair without harming the animal. In-between entertainment employment, my family owned dog kennels where I groomed poodles. My secret was out and I was invited to return to the studio and meet Tony and Harold. Universal was making Wild and Wonderful, (aka Monsieur Cognac) so they hired me as a production assistant. I knew Tony, Marty Ingels and Larry Storch would never let up with the jokes and I was in for constant head-trips - which is exactly what happened. I ended up grooming and dying all the dogs used in the film along with a host of other go-to chores. I had a ball working with and befriending Tony, Marty, Larry, Frank Weatherwax the animal trainer and Bud Westmore the makeup artist. I ended up spending a year at Universal.

Tony#6 Tony#2 Tony#3

Tony#5 Tony#4

I moved over to the independent film lot, Producer’s Studio, where I performed un-credited writing and producing activities in a series of low-budget features. I worked on several films for Burt Topper, “Space Monster,” “Thunder Alley” and “Devils Angels” and then with the infamous Sam Katzman on “52 Miles to Terror,” “Riot On Sunset Strip” and “The Young Runaways.” Following work on the Producer’s Studio lot, I landed jobs at 20th Fox Studios, MGM and Warner Bros.

I continued to diversify and in-between acting and going to casting calls formed my own independent production company Intro-Media Productions. I became a member of the Writers and Directors Guild and, wrote directed and produced a series of feature films.

BETTA - BETTA, (aka Oddly Coupled)

THE PHOTOGRAPHER, released theatrically by Avco Embassy. Black and White was the U.S. poster, Green was for the foreign market.

photographer2 Photographer green2 Photoad2

THE MAN FROM CLOVER GROVE, released theatrically in the U.S. by American Cinema Yellow poster was the foreign version worldwide.

TMFCG2 mfcg_foreign2

Still in Release in 2016 - Here's the Trailer

The Man From Clover Grove Trailer





And the TV pilot "DISCOTECH".

My second independent company, SpectroMedia, produced a series of films I directed and wrote:

DOUBLE EXPOSURE - A Crown International Release - Camera poster for U.S. - Blue poster foreign market

double2 double3 dead3


ragin2 loner3

THE MASTER – (Martial Arts Documentary)
THE TRAIL RIDE (Documentary)
THETUS – (Documentary – Visitors from Outer Space)

I also wrote the screenplay "LOVELINES" for Tri-Star
Developed CAMPUS CALL and THE HOBO for Hemdale.


SpectroMedia holds the copyright on several films, two books and multiple film projects.

I toured the country as a guest speaker at major college campuses, holding speaking engagements and motivational teachings to young filmmakers and students joining the entertainment business community.

Presently Mr. Hillman is President of Destiny Worldwide Entertainment; Inc. Destiny is a motion picture production and development company. Destiny has produced:

THE ADVENTURES OF RAGTIME - released by Showtime Entertainment (aka Barclay's Big Adventure - Walmart Exclusive)

rag#2 rag#3 Barclay#2


QUIGLEY - Released theatrically then in Infomercial & Goodtimes Entertainment - Leomark Studios Worldwide


Quigley#2 QUIG theatrical Quigley foriegn


Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 11.25.20 AM

Destiny produced the national Infomercial for Quigley products, and developed the manufacturing of the Plush Toys, Crayons, Posters and music albums from that film.


Quigley was produced as a direct-to-video release and to this date has sold in access of over 5,000,000 home video units.

A theatrical release sequel to QUIGLEY – QUIGLEY 2 is now fully developed and production ready
Based on the bestseller - QUIGLEY’S CHRISTMAS ADVENTURE.

Production Ready: EL DOBLO (A Native American Indian Thriller)

Production Ready: JOEY (street kids, the law and one kind-hearted man - drama)

Mr. Hillman is a current and active member of the following organizations:
Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA)
The Writers Guild of America (WGA),
The Directors Guild of America (DGA),
BMI - Song Writer/Lyric Member
ASCAP- Song Writer/Lyric Member

As an active member of both BMI and ASCAP I have written and composed songs released on the Mr Toy and Quigley albums, along with several Christmas and traditional rock songs and the music score for theatrical feature film THE PHOTOGRAPHER.

Lecture Circuit - (film production – The art of low-budget filmmaking)

San Diego State
Texas A&M
Southern California University
Colorado State
Ventura City College
Oklahoma University